How often will I receive a bill and when is it due?
Each account is assigned a designated route that is billed at the same time--every other month for residential customers and every month for commercial customers. Residential customers have 28 days to pay their bill and commercial customers have 19 days. If you would like to know when your route is scheduled to bill, please call Customer Service at (909) 866-5050. For more information, visit the Water Rates page.

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1. How often will I receive a bill and when is it due?
2. How do I make my payment?
3. Is there a way to pay my bill automatically?
4. What is the service charge for? Do part-time owners pay the same rate as full-time owners? May I choose to turn off my water to avoid paying service charges when I am not using my home?
5. How do I have the bill sent to a renter/tenant?
6. Why are bills sometimes estimated during winter months?
7. Are there any discounts for low-income customers?
8. Why is my bill so high when I only had a small leak?