Set Up Account

New Account - Property Owners

Please complete the Water Service Agreement by either checking the commercial or residential box, filling in the service address, and completing the remainder of the form. Once completed, please return it to the Department of Water and Power (DWP). By completing the Water Service Agreement you agree to abide by all BBLDWP Rules and Regulations

The Water Service Agreement can be mailed, faxed, or emailed to the contact information provided at the top of the form or in the footer at the bottom of this webpage.

After escrow closing is verified, a new account will be created for your property, and the New Service Set-Up Fee will be assessed on the first billing. As the property owner, you will be responsible for all charges on this account for as long as you own this property. To access online bill pay and account information, sign up for the online portal

After your escrow closes, the DWP may mail you a letter with a Water Conservation Certificate form for you to complete, sign, and return within 90 days. You will be mailed a letter along with the form only if your property has not been previously certified. Please visit the Retrofit on Change of Service Program page for more information.

New Tenant on Property Owner’s Account

As a courtesy to the property owner, the DWP can mail the bill for the property to the tenant. The property owner will need to add the tenant as a “care of” on the account. The property owner will remain ultimately responsible for all charges on the account, as the account remains in the owner’s name.

The property owner needs to complete and sign the appropriate portions of the Tenant Agreement. Please either check the commercial or residential box, fill in the service address, then complete the Rental Information section of the Agreement. The form is a fillable PDF but is required to be physically signed; no electronic signatures will be accepted. Once completed, please return it to the DWP. The processing fee will be assessed on the next billing. No new account is created; no additional billing is generated. The Tenant Agreement is best submitted digitally through the link provided, though copies may be mailed, faxed or emailed upon request. 

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