Outdoor Efficiency Rebates

If you’re thinking of ways to save water in the yard this year, take advantage of our suite of new rebates, while funding lasts.

All rebates/programs are subject to specific terms, applications and inspections. Call (909)866-5050 x 268 or email to confirm eligibility BEFORE removing, purchasing or installing turf or equipment. Programs may be added, changed or discontinued without notice. Rebates are subject to $250 maximum per household per year (excluding turf). Rebates (except turf) are applied as credit to your water bill. For more information, please read through the application and if your questions are not addressed, please email or call us at (909) 866-5050 x 268.

Email completed applications here

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  • Up to $100 per WaterSenseCertified smart irrigation controller 
    • Read and complete application (see above).
    • Max two per residence.
    • Copy of receipt and post installation audit required. 
    • Controller must be programmed in a way that does not violate BBLDWP watering regulations. 
  • Up to $2 per sprinkler replaced with a WaterSense Certified spray sprinkler body 
    • Read and complete application (see above).
    • Max 50 per residence in a 12 month period.
    • Copy of receipt and post installation audit required.
    • Old sprinkler heads must be turned in to the BBLDWP.
  • Up to $50 per rain barrel
    • Read and complete application (see above).
    • Max 3 per residence
    • Copy of receipt and post installation inspection/photo required (to verify that rain gutters/downspouts are in place).
    • A LIMITED number of 50-55 gallon UpCycle Rain barrels may be available (one per customer) at no cost. Please contact us if you are interested. 
  • Native Plants
    • $10 per plant 
    • 10 plants per account ($100 total)
    • Specific plant variety and species must be on our list of eligible plants. 
    • If purchasing locally:
      • Look for the orange native plant tags. Fill out your list. Get it signed by nursery staff.
    • If you get your plants elsewhere, including online, you must submit sufficient proof that the plants are a complete match to the scientific name found on our plant list (as evidenced by the Latin /scientific name from the label on their pot or plant tag). 
    • Receipts must be itemized and full photos, including at least one close up as well as one to identify the property where they were planted, must be included.
    • Send your completed list, receipt, and photos of your native plant(s) installed at your property (served by the Big Bear Lake DWP) and get paid! 

This program is funded in part by Santa Ana Water Project Authority Proposition 1 grant funds. 

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