The following forms can be submitted either electronically or in-person. Please ensure all forms are signed before submitting to DWP. 

  • Water Service Agreement - Submit this form to receive DWP services. 
  • Auto Pay Application - Submit this form to enroll in autopay with DWP. In order to process your Auto Pay Application, you must have a zero balance on your account. Please attach a voided check when you send in your application.
  • Tenant Service Agreement - Submit this form if you are a new property owner or would like to have the bill sent to your renter, please complete and sign this agreement.
  • Address Change - Submit this form if you need to change information related to your account, please fill out this form, sign, and return it to the DWP.
  • Change of Ownership - Submit this form if you have sold your house and/or would like to discontinue service.
  • Remove Care Of - Submit this form if you are the owner of a DWP account and would like to have it reverted under your name from a previous tenant.
  • Water Conservation Certificate - This form is required to be on file to confirm compliance with the DWP's Retrofit on Change of Service Program. For more information, click here. Please submit forms to
  • Rain Barrel Application - Submit this form to if you would like to receive a free rain barrel from DWP (subject to availability) or a $50 rebate towards purchasing your own. 
  • Toilet Rebate Form - Submit this form to participate in our Toilet Rebate Program. 
  • Public Records Request - Use this form to officially submit a public records request. 

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