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The DWP is going GREEN
Solar InstallationAs of November 19th, the DWP office building is powered by solar energy. Using leftover U.S. Dept. of Energy grant funds from the City of Big Bear Lake's solar contract, the DWP solar project cost $303,000, half paid by the grant funds. The project will offset the DWP's office building electricity bill by about 87%, making the payback period about six years. Next time you're in the office, check out the display screen with up-to-the-minute solar energy production numbers.  Read more here.

Are You Prepared?2010-2 004.jpg
Temperatures are dropping and that means we need to prepare for winter--freezing temperatures means freezing pipes! Starting November 1st, be sure to shut off & winterize your irrigation system. If you're going to be away for several days, shut off your water at your stop and drain (waste) valve. 
Do NOT shut off your water at the meter, it's a punishable offense!
Learn more about WINTERIZATION.

State Water Board Regulations & the California Drought
Save Our H2O
California has been in a Drought State of Emergency since January and on July 29th, the State Water Board adopted Emergency Water Conservation Regulations required for all California water users.
For updated information on state water regulations, please visit the Emergency Water Conservation Regulations Portal.

What does this mean for the DWP?
The DWP has had these (and more) regulations in place since 2002. 
Read more here. For a full list of current DWP regulations, click here.

What else can you do? 

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